Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Back to School!

Hailey's first day of FOURTH Grade in Mrs. Clark's rockin' roll class!

Megan's first day in Mrs. Bigler's very "Hoppy" Froggy themed class.

Hailey with her good friend Audrey Eyring from last year's class. She's sad that she won't be in the same class this year but I'm sure they'll play at recess, etc. Nice family and friend.

Hailey and Megan posing outside their school before the bell rings. They were so excited and organized in the morning before school. They even showered and practiced piano before school! Way to go girls!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Happy 9th Birthday, Hailey!

Hailey turned 9 on Wednesday, Jan. 27th! It's amazing how well she's growing up and enjoying life as a responsible 3rd grader. She's a great kid and is a big help at home. She wanted to go to a fun place to eat dinner and so we found the Mayan in Sandy, UT. Here's her birthday "lava" cake at the Mayan Restaurant. It was pretty impressive with the firework shooting off in the middle! You can't really blow it out as it just stops on its own but has a big "wow" factor!

We took her to dinner at the Mayan which features an ancient Mayan ambiance with real divers who dive off of these cliffs into a pool of water below inside the restaurant. It was fun! The kids had a blast and even liked the food! It turned out to be the perfect night!

Matthew Walks!

We are so excited to report that Matthew took his first real steps at Grandma and Grandpa Murphy's house on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day! He's having a blast with his new-found freedom. Here's a short clip of him walking in our kitchen and even turning around mastering his new skills! We just love this little guy!