Tuesday, October 27, 2009

First Snow!

Amazing! The first snow of the year! Here's a view out our front door looking onto our neighbor's yard and the street. It's coming fast and furious with no end in sight for today! Please say I'm dreaming.....

Looking to the side yeard from our porch! Snow everywhere!

Crazy, aye! I couldn't believe my eyes this morning when I woke up but it's true! The snow is still coming down and I'm in shock! I scrambled to find old snow boots for the girls to wear to school but I couldn't find any gloves or hats. I know I should've picked up some snowpants already but I haven't. It's incredible and took me off guard. I know it's getting close to November but I'm still in denial:O Time to get out the gear and shovels! YIKES!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

New Twin Cousins!

The proud parents of twins! This is my "little" brother, Tim, and his amazing wife, Sage, with their new baby boy twins named Oliver Arthur Pearson and Anders Stuart Pearson. They are so stinkin' cute! Anders slept during the whole visit and Oliver was looking around not making a peep. This was a week after they arrived and are doing so well. I don't know how Sage makes it look so easy;) You go girl! Thanks for letting us come visit!

One of the twins trying out his new swing. Let's see what he thinks...........

Thumbs up mom and dad! We have the coolest relatives. Aunt Jenny got us this Awesome swing! She rocks! (I think Hailey or Megan took this shot. I thought it was cute.)

Group shot with the cute Momma Sage in the background. We were so happy to greet these adorable twins into the family!

What a cutie this little Oliver is! I'm a proud Aunt Jenny!

Ryan smiling knowingly.....Tim and Sage's lives are changed FOREVER! No good sleep for awhile guys! We pass the torch to you...

Megan is all smiles!

Grandma Pearson being a super helper! They now have 9 grandchildren! Who-hoo! Who will bring it to an even 10? Melissa? Heather?

Hailey and Megan looking like pros on the baby holding front! Future babysitters right here!

Matthew wasn't quite sure about these new baby cousins! I'm sure he'll be getting them into trouble in no time showing them new tricks and things to get into! We're so excited for future playmates! Way to go Tim and Sage!

Apple Picking!

We found it! A real Pick-Your-Own apple orchard in UTAH! It took us a long time to get there but it was worth it. I'll have to say the apple cider was not as great as the East, though. But it was sure a fun day!

Here is a great view of our drive into Paradise Valley, Utah. It was fun to be in such a rural landscape and drive on a dirt road to get there (i guess we took the back way thanks to mapquest) It was super bumpy but very picturesque!

Megan loved the taste testing part best of all!

Hailey was a pro at finding the right apples to pick. She was very thorough and conscious about avoiding the nasty worm holed ones! She wanted me to shoot every angle of apple picking...but I'm not a great photographer unfortunately.

"You're letting me pull this off the tree?"

"Is this OK to put in my mouth?"

Our cute trio of kids posing after a fun bout of apple picking...and sampling:P

A successful day of Apple Picking and Pumpkin snatching! Who knew it would be sooo difficult to find a Pick-Your-Own Orchard in Utah! But it was worth the 3 hour roundtrip drive!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Hello Again!

Sorry I haven't been blogging but it's been a crazy summer and now it's finally settling down a bit.

So much has happened! We moved to North Salt Lake, UT to our new home, Ryan started his new job and had a birthday, the girls started first/third grade, Matthew turned 1, and we are somewhat functional and stable;) I'll just post some pics and do more later. We feel so blessed and happy! Thanks for everyone's prayers and support!

Our family on a nice afternoon on Temple Square after the Music and the Spoken Word broadcast. Ryan's second official broadcast conducting one of the songs. He did awesome! We're so proud of him!

Here's a picture of us in the Tabernacle in front of the organ. Ryan's new office is underneath the tabernacle which is pretty cool.

Ryan's thirty-something birthday! The girls designed the cake and I helped them decorate it. It was a fun! We love you daddy! You don't look a day over 25;)

Hailey with her new third grade teacher Mrs. Kidd at their new school Orchard Elementary. They were a bit nervous but mostly excited and have adjusted well to life at a new school.

Megan with her new first grade teacher Mrs. Deaton on her first day of school. She was so excited! Hailey and Megan both have great teachers!

Matthew turns 1 year old! We celebrated with some our friends Abbie and Tyler! I can't believe it's been a year already! He's such a great kid and I can't wait to see what his future will hold. He's finally crawling "normal", pulling himself to standing, climbing the stairs, and has 7 teeth. He loves music, chasing his sisters in his walker, getting tickled, and laughing when I say "no". An all around good natured soul!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Chillin' at Boston Common

For some reason, I always love a good Carousel ride to kick start the summer! This was put up for a few days at Frog Pond on the Common. I realized my girls were almost the biggest kids on it.....can't they stay little forever :( The lady running the ride was a stickler for making adults pay if they "rode" on something instead of standing. One dad sat it the tea cup seat with his 2 kids and the lady went bolistic because he didn't pay for himself. Come on! Where's the friendly family spirit in that!

Lying on the green grass with daddy....we realized later that there was a sign that said to "keep off the grass". Oops! But aren't the boys adorable?!

Matthew playing in the grass....he's getting so stinking big and strong! Even though he's just turning 9 months in the morning he weighs 20 lbs and is wearing 12-18 month size clothes! Linebacker? He rolls all over the place getting himself into mischief and just cut his first tooth!

The trio that survived the Swan Boat ride....no one fell in....I was so tempted to push someone in;)

Ryan and the girls on the swan boat. Those pedalers must have great legs doing this all day, everyday...maybe that should be my new part-time job so I can get my legs back in shape:)

Ryan Graduates and we're moving to Utah!

He did it! He really, really graduated! I was seriously so excited for him even though for some reason I'm not smiling very big in this picture! It was a L-O-N-G seven years in Boston to get this single document! So much has happened during our stint in Boston. We added 2 children to our family and survived the Nor'Easter crazy weather storms and braved the wacky roads with their crater-like pits in Belmont. Our children received a wonderful education and made many amazing, life-long friends! We'll always have a soft spot in our hearts for Boston!

The girls were so proud of their daddy and of course fought over who got to wear his hat! There was a wonderful reception afterwards for all of the graduates and their families. It was a mob scene but it was fun to celebrate and enjoy the evening.

Ryan pictured with his proud parents and his mentor Dr. Ann Howard Jones. Everyone breathed a huge sigh of relief that day and lots of prayers of gratitude were given!

I can't believe what's transpired since January!
Ryan GRADUATED and received his Doctorate of Musical Arts in Conducting on May 15th!
He landed a sweet FULL TIME job with BENEFITS!!!
We're trying to buy our first home!
And we're moving to Utah on July 8th.
We feel very grateful for this new phase in our lives! We're extremely sad to leave the East Coast and our friends we've made here these last 7 years in Boston. We hope to vacation here next summer and keep in touch with you all! Once we have an address in Utah you are all welcome to visit!
More to come.......

Monday, January 5, 2009

Matthew's Blessing

Here's a rare picture of our family:) We had a wonderful day celebrating Matthew's arrival and having the privilege of dear friends helping with the blessing.

There was Jonathan Clark, David Sundahl, Paul Baratta, Bishop Beecroft, Randy Peterson,and my dad in the circle for the blessing. What a sweet experience to see such wonderful men who honor the priesthood standing there holding an infant in their arms giving our sweet Matthew blessings from Heaven. There's nothing so beautiful!

Thank you all for your support, prayers and good thoughts for our family.

Here's a picture with Grandma and Grandpa Pearson.

We were so blessed that they could come for Christmas and so we arranged to bless Matthew while they were here. They blessed him in church on Dec. 28th and it was so wonderful to have my dad be there for it. I just realized that my dad has been at every one of our children's blessings. That really means a lot to me.

Ryan did an absolutely beautiful job as a righteous priesthood holder giving our son a sincere blessing and pronounced some amazing blessing on Matthew. The spirit was so sweet and tender and I could feel that Matthew is an incredible person who will be full of compassion and understanding of others, sent to our tender care straight from Heaven.

Me snuggling my little prince....I just can't get enough of him!

I love to laugh at my silly mommy taking a zillion pictures of me!

Matthew was blessed in a "vintage" outfit having been worn by to my older brother Chris. It looked adorable on him even though it's not very wintery! It has a neat textured material with a darling Peter Pan collar, three stitched crowns down the front and some pearly buttons on each side of the crowns. I tried to find little shoe but they all had a huge cross on them. And a simple white sweater was impossible to find. SO... here you have it. His blessing outfit minus the matcing hat since I thought it made him look like a dork...sorry mom:)

Handsome fella! It's funny how every picture I take of him makes him look so different each time:) But isn't he just sooooo handsome and charming?!