Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Chillin' at Boston Common

For some reason, I always love a good Carousel ride to kick start the summer! This was put up for a few days at Frog Pond on the Common. I realized my girls were almost the biggest kids on it.....can't they stay little forever :( The lady running the ride was a stickler for making adults pay if they "rode" on something instead of standing. One dad sat it the tea cup seat with his 2 kids and the lady went bolistic because he didn't pay for himself. Come on! Where's the friendly family spirit in that!

Lying on the green grass with daddy....we realized later that there was a sign that said to "keep off the grass". Oops! But aren't the boys adorable?!

Matthew playing in the grass....he's getting so stinking big and strong! Even though he's just turning 9 months in the morning he weighs 20 lbs and is wearing 12-18 month size clothes! Linebacker? He rolls all over the place getting himself into mischief and just cut his first tooth!

The trio that survived the Swan Boat ride....no one fell in....I was so tempted to push someone in;)

Ryan and the girls on the swan boat. Those pedalers must have great legs doing this all day, everyday...maybe that should be my new part-time job so I can get my legs back in shape:)


jessica said...

That Matthew is too cute! Everytime I see a picture I think that baby is so vanilla and my Camo is so chocolate! I can't wait for them to meet ;)

Anonymous said...

your kids are adorable! I'm going to miss Matthew and his rooster tail hair, and him sucking his fingers!!

Sage and Tim said...

what a cute little guy! that hair reminds me of baby tim :)

andrea said...

So I don't have your e-mail address and don't even know if you're still checking your blog, but wanted to tell you guys that we were so excited to see Ryan during conference this weekend. He did awesome! What a cool job. Hope things are going well in UT for ya. Where are you living? Would love to hear from you: agsweat at yahoo dot com.

Jennifer said...

Hi Murphy Family...

This is the HAWKINS family. Ryan, this is your old buddy from Connecticut, Jennifer HALES. Our family has been trying to track you guys down ever since we heard via the Church News & Church Magazines that you were called to your new position in Utah with the Church. We miss you and your family and we are all so very proud of you. You'll have to email me at jennifer.hawkins@hotmail.com so I can send more information to you about what life has been like since our CT days. Congratulations on everything!!! Your FAMILY IS DARLING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jennifer HALES Hawkins & Family