Thursday, December 18, 2008

Daddy has a Mowhawk!

About a month ago.....To help Hailey not feel too sad about Megan being at a birthday party I told her that we could play "Hair Salon" and she could help me cut daddy's hair. His hair was getting pretty long! She was so excited and we decided to give him a Mohawk! You can see the delight on her face and Ryan's cringe. HA! HA! HA! He did get a decent cut after we took a few photos:)

Here's a back shot....can you tell?

Tough guy? I think he would have been beat up if he sported this hairdoo:) Sorry! But we love him!!!!!!

Electric Shock Hair!

I don't know if you can tell but I gave Matthew a bath and towel dried his hair and came up with this "Electric Shock" hair doo. I thought it was hilarious! His hair is getting so long that I'm tempted to trim it. But it's too much fun playing with and making funny hair styles. Who knew it would be this much fun with Boy's hair:)

Got LICE????

So, now that we're all feeling better from the Flu......Megan goes to school and gets sent home because they say she has HEAD LICE.....All Over! YIKES! Luckily, Ryan is home to go pick her up (while I feed/attend to Matthew)and we plop her in the shower to get her ready for the Lice Shampoo Treatment. To our horror, the label read that it should be applied to DRY hair. OOPS! So out she goes, Ryan dries her hair, applies shampoo....wait 10 minutes (an eternity for Megan) then rinse. Next, the gel and comb through to get all the dead lice/nits job. Well, I carefully apply gel to 1/2 inch sections to look for the lice.......I can't find ANY.????Perplexing. I do find lots of DANDRUFF....HMMMMMMMMMMMM.

So, my friend calls up...need any help she asks. YES! Am I blind? Well, she can't find any either but concurs about the dandruff. Her daughter had it the day before and she found 25 total so she knows what to look for. HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM. Then back in the shower to rinse and do regular shampoo just for fun. 3 Showers for Megan;)Feeling a little lucky and grateful that maybe it's a false alarm. I'm washing everything just in case. Good thing there's just one more day of school left til vacation. I checked both girls tonight again and NOTHING! I think I'll take her to the nurse in the am to have her take a looky to be sure. Wish me luck!

Monday, December 15, 2008


SO we got hit with the flu this weekend. Megan woke up Sat. night around midnight and proceeded to vomit every hour until morning. Ryan and I took turns with her throughout this ordeal. YUCK! There's nothing worse than cleaning up vomit! She first threw up in the bathroom sink and it wouldn't drain so I had to reach in admist chunks of Dunkin Donuts Egg and Cheese Croissant Sandwich and Green frosted donut pieces to pull out the drain stopper. EWWWWW! Then she felt better.

Ryan left to go play organ for St. Malachy and took Hailey to sing with the Children's Choir. During the service she made her way off the stand to say she felt sick. She was able to lie down in the rectory. Then they had to rush to the Mormon choir practice and she had to tag along since there was no time to bring her home. Once they finally made it home....she threw up in the toilet. Way to hold it in, girl!

Next, around 5pm I started feeling off and proceeded to throw up once and then a second time around 7:30. I was supposed to help with the Primary Baptism Fireside which Hailey was going to attend since she'll be turning 8 in January. I had made a crock pot chicken soup for the fireside and made Ryan run it up to the church. Apparently A LOT of kids from our Ward got the flu this weekend so we're wondering if it came from the Ward Christmas Dinner from Friday night. Hmmmmmmmmmm? We were just getting over nasty colds from the week before (which Matthew, unfortunately is still suffering severly from:(

There's nothing worse than having the flu, except being pregnant and feeling that way 24/7 for many months! But we're all feeling better now and we'll let the kids go back to school tomorrow (Tues) since they've been feeling great all day today while I recouped. I seem to have had it the worst. I just hope Ryan and baby Matthew don't get it next......knock on wood. Ryan was such a trooper taking care of us all and getting up with Matthew to feed him in the middle of the night.

This all happened towards the end of two very stressful weeks for Ryan having had concerts last Saturday in Wakefield, Sunday at Walnut Hill School in Natick, then St. Malachy this Saturday and Ward Choir Christmas program on Sunday during the flu attack.

We need a VACATION! Sorry, I don't think you want pics of flu event:) and I forgot the camera for Ryan's concerts. But they all went GREAT!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Here's a few pictures from Thanksgiving and our short list of what we're thankful for....
We're so thankful for little Matthew's safe arrival!
Here he is in his bib that Grandma Pearson sent us that says "Baby's First Thanksgiving"!
I couldn't get any smiles but he's such a good boy with a very sweet disposition and we are so very lucky to have him in our family.
The Monday before Thanksgiving he weighed in at 11 lbs. 3 oz. and is 22 3/8 inches long (he's almost doubled his weight in 2 months!) This kind of growth has never happened to my other kids so it's kind of weird:) He's growing sooo fast and changing so much!
He really likes to "coo" more and gives smiles that melt your heart:)
We're so thankful for family, friends, and the Gospel!

Here we are gathered around the Thanksgiving table with Grandma and Grandpa Murphy and 2 Elders from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. We had such a wonderful day visiting, eating yummy food, singing, and expressing our gratitude for the fullness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ that's been restored here upon the earth.

How lucky we are to know that God loves us and cares enough for us to send his only begotten son to show us how to live, to Atone for our sins, and to give us the wonderful Plan of Salvation so that we may return to live with our Father in Heaven as an eternal family.

We're so thankful for a wonderful DADDY!
He played a ton with the kids over the break! He's such a wonderful person who always thinks of others, works hard, is giving of his time and talents, and loves his family!

We're thankful for our children!

We're sooooo blessed to have wonderful kids who are kind, thoughtful, and caring towards others.

We're so thankful for sleep!

Here's a rare photo of grandma sleeping while holding little slumbering Matthew! (please don't hate me but I thought this was a sweet picture!)
Grandma Murphy worked so hard to put together a GREAT thanksgiving meal and to take care of all of us over the holiday week.
Mommy got lots of sleep over the break since everyone let me sleep in every morning and took care of Matthew!
Thanks Grandma!!!

We're so thankful for Grandparents.

Here's Grandma Murphy snuggling me and giving lots of loves on my first Thanksgiving.

We have such wonderful grandparents!