Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Chillin' at Boston Common

For some reason, I always love a good Carousel ride to kick start the summer! This was put up for a few days at Frog Pond on the Common. I realized my girls were almost the biggest kids on it.....can't they stay little forever :( The lady running the ride was a stickler for making adults pay if they "rode" on something instead of standing. One dad sat it the tea cup seat with his 2 kids and the lady went bolistic because he didn't pay for himself. Come on! Where's the friendly family spirit in that!

Lying on the green grass with daddy....we realized later that there was a sign that said to "keep off the grass". Oops! But aren't the boys adorable?!

Matthew playing in the grass....he's getting so stinking big and strong! Even though he's just turning 9 months in the morning he weighs 20 lbs and is wearing 12-18 month size clothes! Linebacker? He rolls all over the place getting himself into mischief and just cut his first tooth!

The trio that survived the Swan Boat ride....no one fell in....I was so tempted to push someone in;)

Ryan and the girls on the swan boat. Those pedalers must have great legs doing this all day, everyday...maybe that should be my new part-time job so I can get my legs back in shape:)

Ryan Graduates and we're moving to Utah!

He did it! He really, really graduated! I was seriously so excited for him even though for some reason I'm not smiling very big in this picture! It was a L-O-N-G seven years in Boston to get this single document! So much has happened during our stint in Boston. We added 2 children to our family and survived the Nor'Easter crazy weather storms and braved the wacky roads with their crater-like pits in Belmont. Our children received a wonderful education and made many amazing, life-long friends! We'll always have a soft spot in our hearts for Boston!

The girls were so proud of their daddy and of course fought over who got to wear his hat! There was a wonderful reception afterwards for all of the graduates and their families. It was a mob scene but it was fun to celebrate and enjoy the evening.

Ryan pictured with his proud parents and his mentor Dr. Ann Howard Jones. Everyone breathed a huge sigh of relief that day and lots of prayers of gratitude were given!

I can't believe what's transpired since January!
Ryan GRADUATED and received his Doctorate of Musical Arts in Conducting on May 15th!
He landed a sweet FULL TIME job with BENEFITS!!!
We're trying to buy our first home!
And we're moving to Utah on July 8th.
We feel very grateful for this new phase in our lives! We're extremely sad to leave the East Coast and our friends we've made here these last 7 years in Boston. We hope to vacation here next summer and keep in touch with you all! Once we have an address in Utah you are all welcome to visit!
More to come.......