Saturday, October 24, 2009

Apple Picking!

We found it! A real Pick-Your-Own apple orchard in UTAH! It took us a long time to get there but it was worth it. I'll have to say the apple cider was not as great as the East, though. But it was sure a fun day!

Here is a great view of our drive into Paradise Valley, Utah. It was fun to be in such a rural landscape and drive on a dirt road to get there (i guess we took the back way thanks to mapquest) It was super bumpy but very picturesque!

Megan loved the taste testing part best of all!

Hailey was a pro at finding the right apples to pick. She was very thorough and conscious about avoiding the nasty worm holed ones! She wanted me to shoot every angle of apple picking...but I'm not a great photographer unfortunately.

"You're letting me pull this off the tree?"

"Is this OK to put in my mouth?"

Our cute trio of kids posing after a fun bout of apple picking...and sampling:P

A successful day of Apple Picking and Pumpkin snatching! Who knew it would be sooo difficult to find a Pick-Your-Own Orchard in Utah! But it was worth the 3 hour roundtrip drive!

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Melissa S. said...

I love this place! My little brother lives in Cache Valley and discovered it, we go every year to get our pumpkins because it reminds us of the East...the people that run it are from New York, and yes there is an easier way to get there :) (by the way I'm a friend of Ryan's from way back...we've met before but years ago just so you know it's not some strange random soul posting on your blog ;)