Saturday, October 24, 2009

New Twin Cousins!

The proud parents of twins! This is my "little" brother, Tim, and his amazing wife, Sage, with their new baby boy twins named Oliver Arthur Pearson and Anders Stuart Pearson. They are so stinkin' cute! Anders slept during the whole visit and Oliver was looking around not making a peep. This was a week after they arrived and are doing so well. I don't know how Sage makes it look so easy;) You go girl! Thanks for letting us come visit!

One of the twins trying out his new swing. Let's see what he thinks...........

Thumbs up mom and dad! We have the coolest relatives. Aunt Jenny got us this Awesome swing! She rocks! (I think Hailey or Megan took this shot. I thought it was cute.)

Group shot with the cute Momma Sage in the background. We were so happy to greet these adorable twins into the family!

What a cutie this little Oliver is! I'm a proud Aunt Jenny!

Ryan smiling knowingly.....Tim and Sage's lives are changed FOREVER! No good sleep for awhile guys! We pass the torch to you...

Megan is all smiles!

Grandma Pearson being a super helper! They now have 9 grandchildren! Who-hoo! Who will bring it to an even 10? Melissa? Heather?

Hailey and Megan looking like pros on the baby holding front! Future babysitters right here!

Matthew wasn't quite sure about these new baby cousins! I'm sure he'll be getting them into trouble in no time showing them new tricks and things to get into! We're so excited for future playmates! Way to go Tim and Sage!


jessica said...

YAY for Tim! Those babies are sooo precious! That picture of Matthew at the end is TOTALLY cracking me up! He look HUMONGOUS next to those newborns. I think Matty and Cam need to wrestle it out one of these days.

BTW I am still experiencing Murphy withdrawls...I miss you guys!

Jill said...

YEAH for Twins! Your family is going to have so much fun!