Monday, January 5, 2009

Matthew's Blessing

Here's a rare picture of our family:) We had a wonderful day celebrating Matthew's arrival and having the privilege of dear friends helping with the blessing.

There was Jonathan Clark, David Sundahl, Paul Baratta, Bishop Beecroft, Randy Peterson,and my dad in the circle for the blessing. What a sweet experience to see such wonderful men who honor the priesthood standing there holding an infant in their arms giving our sweet Matthew blessings from Heaven. There's nothing so beautiful!

Thank you all for your support, prayers and good thoughts for our family.

Here's a picture with Grandma and Grandpa Pearson.

We were so blessed that they could come for Christmas and so we arranged to bless Matthew while they were here. They blessed him in church on Dec. 28th and it was so wonderful to have my dad be there for it. I just realized that my dad has been at every one of our children's blessings. That really means a lot to me.

Ryan did an absolutely beautiful job as a righteous priesthood holder giving our son a sincere blessing and pronounced some amazing blessing on Matthew. The spirit was so sweet and tender and I could feel that Matthew is an incredible person who will be full of compassion and understanding of others, sent to our tender care straight from Heaven.

Me snuggling my little prince....I just can't get enough of him!

I love to laugh at my silly mommy taking a zillion pictures of me!

Matthew was blessed in a "vintage" outfit having been worn by to my older brother Chris. It looked adorable on him even though it's not very wintery! It has a neat textured material with a darling Peter Pan collar, three stitched crowns down the front and some pearly buttons on each side of the crowns. I tried to find little shoe but they all had a huge cross on them. And a simple white sweater was impossible to find. SO... here you have it. His blessing outfit minus the matcing hat since I thought it made him look like a dork...sorry mom:)

Handsome fella! It's funny how every picture I take of him makes him look so different each time:) But isn't he just sooooo handsome and charming?!


Rhonda Miller said...

So precious! It wasn't until AFTER Cooper was blessed that I realized his new white socks had a satiny cross stiched on each cuff.

Jill said...

Jen-What a cute little guy! He looks like he has a lot of you in his features. Baby blessings are always so sweet. So glad you are enjoying your sweet little boy!

I have listed our address and contact on our blog so when you are ready to address that card you can find it there. Can't wait to see it.

jessica said...

I am smitten! He is too cute! I am so glad Mama Bear and Papa Bear were able to make it out there. I can't wait for Camden's blessing! We won't be able to bless him until the adoption is final...hopefully sometime this summer.
There is something about a father performing that blessing that is so precious. It makes me so grateful for a husband that honors his priesthood.

Wish I could've been there...:(

andrea said...

What a good looking family!

Miki said...

Hey! There's that family of yours, and the principal dad I knew! I would say hi to your mom and use her name, but I'm not so sure they would like that, soOOooo...hello Pearson MOM! I sent them a Christmas card this year, but it got sent back. How long has it been since they've left (I was going to write where they used to live here too, but still uncertain that's okay with them, so I'll just long has it been since they've left P)? There. That's good.

Where are they now? It sounds like they have to spend lots and lots of moolah just to keep up with the kids who are everywhere around the country! NUTS!

Congratulations little little Matthew. So's worth taking the bazillion pictures just to get that one shot. We mommies cherrish them.

Sage and Tim said...

I can't wait to squeeze the cheeks on that little guy!

Dana said...

Oh Jen...Matthew is an absolute doll. Oh my goodness I just want to smooch him all over. :)

How wonderful to see you parents. They look great still!

You look beautiful too... so trim and slim after having a baby!~


Spencer said...

I got your xmas card. I'm glad to hear that things are going well. I am moving to dC this summer--probably just around the time you guys are moving away. Congrats on the new addition to the family. Spencer

Lucy said...

Hi! I just got your Christmas card in the mail today. So fun. Great idea to wait until everyone needed a letter:)

I love that you have a blog too. It's so good to see your cute family - so talented (obviously. Look at their parents.)

Enjoy that new little boy of yours. I bet he's already so much bigger than in that picture.

Jenny Erazo said...

I just found your blog through Jess. I nloy lived in Pendleton a short time but it is fun to see where everyone has ended up! What a good looking family you have! Congrats! Jenny Arevalo

Jean McKendrick said...

Hey Jennifer!
My sister, Jenny, told me you were on Jessica's blog link. You have a beautiful little family! Where are you living? We are in Jacksonville FL. I have two little boys, Kai, age 6 and Kaden, age 3. I stay at home with them, they keep me busy. :) Your parents look great, where are they?

Amanda said...

Hi Jen - he is so cute and your girls are adorable. It was great to see what you guys have been up to. Sorry about the lice though. It has gone around our schools before as well and I do not know how we have managed to dodge that bullet every time. Hopefully all is well now. You can check out our latest at our blog if you want as well -

Trent, Sherie, Adam & Bridget said...

Hello to both of you. I tried to email you but the email on the stake website didn't work. (Jen in case you don't remember me I'm friends with Heather and Melissa from Pendleton and I sang in Ryan's choir at BYU and now live in the Arlington Ward). Anyway, Trent just showed me the article posted on the Deseret News site this evening! Congratulations! That is so very exciting! We both looked at each other and said, "oh my goodness, that is an absolutely PERFECT fit for him, for Mac and for the choir." We couldn't think of it happening to a better, more talented individual. Good luck in Salt Lake. We anticipate great things happening. Say hi to everyone (Mac/choir/orchestra) for Trent (he was the principle percussionist in the orchestra for 7 1/2 years until we moved out here). He really misses all of them.

Christèle said...

I just read the announcement and I can't tell you how happy I am for you !
Congratulations ! :)
When is the choir coming to France ? :D

Rebekah said...

Matthew is seriously so adorable in these pictures--I love the one with him just lounging and laughing at you. And he just gets cuter and cuter every time I see him. Gosh, what are we going to do without you all once you head out to Utah?!? We'll miss you tons, but we are so thrilled for you!