Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Life is a Rollercoaster!

So....this past week has been a total rollercoaster ride. First, we had our second ultrasound for the baby to check on his Echogenic Bowel condition. We were told it could be a marker of many different scenarios which ranged from possible birth defects like Down Syndrome or Cystic Fibrosis to maybe being as simple and non-threatening as just some swallowed blood in the baby's system which would pass through. WELL......the ultrasound revealed that it had disappeared and that everything is ABSOLUTELY FINE!!!!!!! What a relief!

Second, that same day, Ryan was offered the Choral Director position at Lamar University in Beaumont, Texas. We prayed and prayed to make the right decision and we kept getting opposite answers from each other and then flip-flopping back and forth. We went to the temple together, prayed, and tried to seek spiritual guidance. There were many pros/cons to each choice.....

In the end, we decided to turn down the offer which is one of the hardest things we've had to do. We've been waiting years for Ryan to finally have a full-time college teaching job but, in the end we felt he needed to stay and finish his dissertation and be completely done with his Doctorate degree and have a better chance at more job offers for next year.

So it looks like Boston is stuck with us for one more year. We love it here! It's just so darn expessive to live and you get a tiny apartment! The winters linger on f-o-r-e-v-e-r but the summer and fall seasons are spectacular. There's comfort in being able to have our baby here in Boston where we have the best medical care and we still have all of our wonderful friends and Ryan's family whom are 7 hours away for support.

We know that God in mindful of us and that he hears and answers our prayers!


andrea said...

Hi, Jen! This is Andrea Sweat from the good ol' BYU 82nd ward. I found your blog through Jill's. How's it going? You have an adorable little family and congrats on your upcoming new arrival. We're on about the same schedule. I have a 7 yo boy, 4 yo girl, and just had a baby girl at the end of May. We're out on the east coast, too--a little farther south in NC. Andrew goes to Framingham, Mass, for work pretty regularly. Anyway, my comment is turning into a post of its own. Good to get an update on you guys.

Ryan and Jen Murphy said...

Hi Andrea! What a blast from the past! I'm so excited to hear from you! I wish we were closer so we could see you guys. Ryan works in Natick at Walnut Hill School which is right next to Framingham. They'll have to do lunch sometime:) Anyways, send me your email or blog so we can catch up some more!

andrea said...

My e-mail is agsweat at yahoo dot com. Would love to hear from you!