Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Megan's First Day of Kindergarten!

Here's the proud and excited Kindergartner with her butterfly backpack on and ready for her first day of school!
Here's Megan, Hailey and Daddy "running/walking" to school for Megan's first day of Kindergarten on Sept. 4th and Hailey's second day of Second Grade. We were running a little behind schedule, of course! I'm waddling my pregnant self slowly behind. It was a gorgeous day and nice to walk the 8 or so blocks to the school. My body didn't quite agree by the time I got home but it was worth it and fun to see them so excited:)

Here's the sign on the wall that greeted the students as they entered the classroom. Mrs. Ryder is a fun teacher who does some really fun chants and songs with movement so the kids can get their wiggles out, like "Banana Split" (It's hot in here, I said it's hot in here. There must be bananas in the atmosphere. Peel to the left, peel to the right. Peel down the middle and ("Ummm" munch sound) take a bite. Go, go, go-go bananas. Go, go, go-go bananas. )and "The Volcano Blows" but I can't remember it- I think it goes "I don't know ch-ch. I don't know ch-ch. I don't know when the volcano blows. (exploding sound and jumps up)." The other day they sang "She'll be comin rund the mountain" and "The Ants go Marching". My kind of teacher:)

Whoops! Sorry this is backwards! But here's a last minute picture of Megan sitting in her classroom awaiting a name tag from her teacher, Mrs. Ryder. She's sitting next to one of her best friends "Peach" (aka. Christina). This is just half of the class from last names A-N for the first slow start introduction to school. The other half of the children went the next day and then they all came together the following Monday. They all look a little shell shocked:)

Here's Megan on her way to line up for the first day of Kindergarten. Oh, sorry, the sun was shining in her eyes:) It's fun to see the mass of parents and children as they get ready to say goodbye for a few hours and to see the mixed emotions of the little ones.

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