Saturday, August 30, 2008

Cape Cod....AHHHHH!

This is Hailey's "Cape" design in the sand....can you read it? We were soooooo lucky to get a last minute invitation to spend the week on the Cape. A surprise gift to get away and celebrate our 12th Anniversary!
The Murphy clan posing outside of the Cape Cod "Cottage" in Falmouth, MA. An awesome friend owns this amazing place on the Cape and called us up on Tues. the 19th and said it was suddenly available until that Friday for us to enjoy if we wanted to. SURE! We quickly packed our bags and headed for some fun in the sun! The house was AMAZING and decorated to the T inside, only 3 houses away from the beatiful beach, and the weather was spectacular! We were in HEAVEN! The water was over 70 degrees which is unusual for Mass. and the sand was so white and pretty. We caught some baby jellyfish, boogey boarded, found seashells, and dug in the sand. What a perfect last hurrah before school starts! THANK YOU Nancy!

Cute daddy catching a break from playing with the kids in the water!

Beach babes ready for fun in the sun! Aren't they adorable!

Megan proudly displays her lovely shell. There were so many around on the beach!

Hailey and Daddy trying to boogey board on the small surf:)

Hailey and Megan buried in the sand! They had so much fun burying each other in this beautiful white sand so we got a picture of them both buried. We tried to draw mermaid tails but you can't really tell. They were so cute!

Mama Jen catches some rays and rubs the belly........ahhhhhhh! How many more weeks? It's the final count down! Now if it wasn't so uncomfortable to sleep.................


Heather said...

Soooo fun!
I am glad that you got to get away too. Miss you!

Miki said... lucky you. It's nice to have someone invite you like that to an amazing get-away. Your blog is going to be exciting with the new arrival. Blogs are a double edged sword. It always seems that when you have something exciting to blog about (like the arrival of a new one) there's absolutely no time to give to the blog! Anyway, it will be exciting anyway when the big time comes.

I loved the pictures of Cape Cod. Mark brought me home a shell and a white rock from there. I keep them in my "shells" pile in my living room. It's fun to think that Mark was there once.

Thanks for posting!

andrea said...

Yay for you guys! Sounds like it was the perfect getaway. You are looking so cute, Jen!

jessica said...

You have a blog!!!!!WHAT!!!!How in the world did I not get the memo on this! HELLO!!!! This will make it so much easier to stay in touch! You look adorable my very pregnant friend!

Now I have to go and read all of your past posts to get caught up on your life...

Emmy said...

Congratulations!! Can't wait to see the baby. And, I'm happy you have a blog! It will be fun to read about what you're up to! (Feel free to check out ours...I don't keep up on it very well...) Looks like you had a great time on the Cape!