Monday, August 18, 2008

Happy Birthday, Daddy!


Hailey and daddy posing with his presents from Hailey. Hailey and mommy made a "daddy" keychain out of Beadkins. Hailey picked out all of the bead colors and we put our heads together to figure out how to make a boy shape. (He thinks it looks like Elvis:) Hailey made a birthday card and decorated it with buttons. She was so excited to have him open his presents....she couldn't wait until after we sang "Happy Birthday" and cut the cake! She helped her little sister Megan with the creation of her presents and gave the OK when the decorations were just right:)
Megan drew a picture of her and daddy on his birthday card and she made a picture frame displaying a picture of them swimming together. She was sooo proud!

Ryan, blowing out all 5 of his birthday candles......well, we didn't want to start a fire! :)

Happy Birthday, Daddy! Ryan turned 37 yesterday on August 17th. The girls were soooo excited. We made a birthday cake, decorated our apartment with streamers and birthday banners and then surprised him when he got home from playing the organ at St. Malachys. Here's daddy and Megan making funny faces for the camera (Hailey took this picture).


Sage and Tim said...

How fun! Thanks for the e-card. We can't wait to hear all about the new little guy in a few weeks!

andrea said...

Happy birthday, Ryan! You're getting old! Oh, wait, Andrew's right on your tail.

Miki said...

Just so entirely adorable. All of the photos were oozing with proud children, and excitement. It just melts my little heart.

I sound so not like me when I talk like that...but for some reason, I just really liked this post! How fun for you guys. Great job making the day special for everyone Jen.

Heather said...

Happy Birthday!

Loved the pictures. Thank you for sharing. You guys Rock!

Dana said...

Happy, happy birthday Ryan from the Leach Zoo! :)